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The right tyre pressure optimizes your tyres performance and your petrol consumption and it improves your safety. By correctly adjusting tyre pressure the driver can influence driving comfort, durability and mileage of the tyres and accomodate his vehicles requirements and driving quality.

Cost effective vehicle manufacturing often saves on suspension comfort and replaces traditional suspension capabilities with tyre elasticity. Road tread and tyre side walls are bending where the tyres‘ tread contacts the road. Usind the right tyre pressure prevents excessivley bending the side walls and the tread. Heat accumulation is prevented and rolling resistance is optimized.

The right tyre pressure also stabilizes the tyre. Tyre structure and rubber composition define its reactivity, traction and handling.

Even technically outstanding tyres can only work at their best, if the tyre pressure is at the right level.

Therefore retrofit a TireMoni tyre pressure monitoring system today!

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