Tyre Pressure Charts for Passenger Cars

If you don’t know the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle, you can always look it up in a tyre pressure chart. Tyre manufacturers are listing their recommended tyre pressure in those charts.

It can make sense to adjust tyre pressure to your own driving characteristics and to experiment a little. The optimal pressure for the tyres of a vehicle dpends on many factors, among them vehicle load and speed and also the individual driving style. Drivers who are using a pressure chart to find the correct tyre pressure are demonstrating that they care for the safety function of their tyres.

The tyre industy is helping, too with the development of ‘intelligent’ tyres. While tyres will never be intelligent – in the sense of the word – they will eventually be able to deliver a multitude of data covering date of manufacturing, materials, distance used and more. This data is stored in a small chip, which is located in the rubber of the tyre. Maybe such a chip will in the future also be able to monitor temperature and pressure in the tyre. Today it cannot yet do this.

This is why tpm-systems AG has created their intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system TireMoni which allows monitoring the current tyre pressure while driving. The system is very useful, for it informs the driver about current tyre pressure and temperature at all times. The system warns immediately when pressure changes so that the driver has an opportunity to react long before any damage to the tyre can happen.

Tyres with low pressure start milling, consequently getting hot and finally blowing up. Drivers should do everything to prevent this situation. The driver might lose control over the vehicle and oftentimes such blowouts are causing an accident, too.

Thanks to the evolution of the tyre industry modern tyres are so good that tyre blowouts should be a thing of the past. If a vehicle tyre is maintained and looked after, it will perform safely and do its service as a matter of course.

In almost 95% of those cases where a tyre puncture or blowout causes an accident, this happens due to low tyre pressure. Who would check his tyre pressure on every stop at the petrol station? You don’t either? Then you might want to consider retrofitting a TireMoni tyre pressure monitoring system, too.

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