Optimal Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems for Large Motorhomes

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TireMoni TM-260 is mainly used in motorhomes and caravans where it can be retrofitted fast and easily. It can monitor 4 to 10 wheels per system; tyre pressure values are permanently shown on the display device in the vehicle cockpit – when anyone of the user-configurable thresholds is triggered, the driver immediately gets a warning.

The sensors are small and their weight is only 10 g; they allow fast and easy retrofitting to metal valves – balancing the wheels is not required with the large motorhome wheels.

Due to their small dimensions and the low weight however the sensors don’t provide sufficient range in some cases where the motorhome is big (nuilt on truck chassis). One battery lasts for approx. 50,000 km driving distance.

This means that for trucks with yearly driving distances of up to 200,000 km these systems are not really suitable – who wants to change sensor batteries 4 times per year – even if the extremely small weight is really convincing for the application.

For large motorhomes however – which are rarely seeing these huge yearly driving distances – the advantages of the small and lightweight sensors prevail.

To accomodate the range requirements of larger vehicles, we are now offering a booster/radio amplifier, which amplifies sensor signal so that transmission is safe in any case. With this little add-on system range is then sufficient even for large motorhomes plus trailer.

The booster will be installed underside the vehicle or trailer and connected to the vehicle supply wiring. It collects all radio signals from the sensors, amplifies them by a factor of 10 and then re-transmits to the receiver/display in the vehicle cockpit.

The booster can be combined with any TireMoni Tyre Pressure Monitoring System; initialisation or programming is not required. Thus it can be seamlessly retrofitted into existing systems where range improvements are desirable.

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