I am my own tyre manager

We are supposed to use centralized providers – or so those wish who profit from centralisation.
Electricity by central providers, water, gas, oil from the big suppliers and then best use as much energy as possible so that those providers can deliver plenty.
Times have changed. There is plenty of opportunity nowadays to regulate our energy demand to our own advantage.
An electronic tyre pressure monitoring system is one such possibility.
Year by year millions of liters of fuel are converted into warm tyres and just because the pressure in those tyres is too low. This increases their rolling resistance and tyres are getting hot.
Not to mention the many tyres that are worn much too fast due to underinflation.
In the engines themselves we can do very little to reduce fuel consumption, this is true for combustion engines as well as for electric cars.
With tyres we have a realistic chance. By optimising rolling resistance with the correct tyre pressure we can take charge and act to our advantage. Everyone for their own benefit.
It pays to drive with an electronic tyre pressure monitoring system: www.TireMoni.co.uk

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