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Heightened Stop-and-Search Operations

In this time of the year police will most likely heighten their stop-and-search operations. Often tyres and tyre tread are inspected, too. Make sure that your tyre pressure is correct at all times. Not only after every third refueling stop as is often recommended, but during the ride, during every ride. TireMoni provides fast and …

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Rolling Resistance

Cited from http://glossary.en.eea.europa.eu/terminology/sitesearch?term=rolling%20resistance “The quotient of rolling resistance of all resistances amounts to 20 – 25 percent. That is: every fourth to fifth tankful is consumed only to overcome rolling resistance. Remarkable: Up to about 60 mph rolling resistance is larger than aerodynamic resistance of a vehicle! Properties and quality of a tyre therefore have …

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Advantages of the right tyre pressure

The right tyre pressure optimizes your tyres performance and your petrol consumption and it improves your safety. By correctly adjusting tyre pressure the driver can influence driving comfort, durability and mileage of the tyres and accomodate his vehicles requirements and driving quality. Cost effective vehicle manufacturing often saves on suspension comfort and replaces traditional suspension …

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Optimal Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems for Large Motorhomes

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TireMoni TM-260 is mainly used in motorhomes and caravans where it can be retrofitted fast and easily. It can monitor 4 to 10 wheels per system; tyre pressure values are permanently shown on the display device in the vehicle cockpit – when anyone of the user-configurable thresholds is triggered, the …

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Tyre Pressure Charts for Passenger Cars

If you don’t know the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle, you can always look it up in a tyre pressure chart. Tyre manufacturers are listing their recommended tyre pressure in those charts. It can make sense to adjust tyre pressure to your own driving characteristics and to experiment a little. The optimal pressure for …

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